Simply Cremation has the largest selection of urns and keepsakes (in stock) in all of Northeast Wisconsin.


Radian Pale Swirl

$425 (available in black swirl and teal swirl)

Capella Full-Size

$450 (Avail in various colors)

Rustic Pewter

$450 (avail in Crimson and Bronze)

White Flag

$350 (available in slate)

Blooming Branches Blue

$350 (also avail in white w/pink flowers)

The Acropolis

$450 (Available in various colors)


$325 (Avail in white or pebble dust)


$325 (Avail in white or pebble dust)

Scattering Tubes

$125 (click for more options)

Capella Mid-Size

$150 (Avail in various colors)

Heart Shape Keepsake Urns

$95 (Avail in various colors)

Keepsake Urns

$45-$65 (click for more options)

Cremation jewelry (all hold cremains & stainless steel)

Onyx Cylinder

$125 (Also avail in Rose Gold/Pewter/Gold)

Pewter Hour Glass

$125 (Also avail in Rose Gold/Onyx/Gold)

Pewter Cross

$125 (Also avail in Slate)

Rose Gold Pillar

$125 (Also avail in Pewter/Onyx/Gold)

Cremation Containers